Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sharing Some LOVE!!!!!

Valentine Cards for my loved ones!
Stop in the Name of LOVE Valentine card – for my hubby! Various Cricut cartridges
Inside Stop card – Showing ticket that is perforated made with Cricut cartridge Mother’s Day!
Hope you enjoy these Love cards. Always room for more Love!!!


  1. :) you're a cricut-er :) what's your favorite cartridge?

    I tagged you for a "game" on my blog...

  2. 6 Random things about me! Wow!
    1. I love to watch a good movie, especial romantic ones!
    2. I love being a GrandDee! My grandson's are the greatest!
    3.It really makes my day when people think I am younger than I am. 47 and a GrandDee!
    4. Feeling the leading of the Holy Spirit and following thru with it is the greatest high for me!
    5. Giving an especially created card for someone and they like it is very special.
    6. I love Cherries!!!

    Thanks for tagging! Dina

  3. Oh sorry, forget to share my favorite Cricut cartridge! That is really a hard one. I really love them all and always find somthing special that I need for whatever project I am working on. But if I had to choose one, I think Life's a Beach! It has everything, phrases, letters and icons!