Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scrapbookers are GREEN!

Yes, we are GREEN! Once you become a scrapbooker, a cropper, a card maker, you NO longer look at anything the same way.

Do you save the ribbon that is tied around the new washcloths you just bought?
A gift bag that you have saved is now on it last legs so you save the ribbon that once were handles!
Any card that you may receive you save the fronts (or a small portion of it)to possibly use on a layout.
An old shirt that is white but now yellowed in certain areas, and the bleach will not help it, so you cut out the ribbon that is adorning the collar and put it into your ribbon stash.
Any buttons that came with outfits (the extra ones)you place in your craft box when the "outfits" are long gone or you are unable to wear them anymore.
What about the string or ribbon that hangs from your shirts or dresses to "better stay on the hangers."

But the best one yet is from one of my fellow scrapbookers (one of my blossoming newbies) who saved the back cardboard backing to a letter "K" post it pad and used it in her daughter's scrapbook!

Our eyes change! And yes, they turn green to help our environment and ourselves with our craft supply. Join us!!!! Green is the crafty color!!!!

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