Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrap booking - Easier, Faster and You can do it!

I know that we all have pictures in boxes, bags, and even still in our digital cameras, but how do I get them onto a page or book? YOU CAN! I want you to remember those words. My goal thru this blog is to help encourage you and to show you how you can lay pictures onto a page and tell a story. I have seen 80 years old do it and even those who did not know where to start.

First I encourage you to come to a crop night! That is crop not crap and that is what we call getting together to scrap! Your first opportunity is this coming Friday evening - April 24 at New Covenant Fellowship on Hwy 79 in Pinson. It is Free! Come and bring your pictures, maybe some paper and glue and I will help you get started. Several of us girls get together and really have fun communicating, cutting, pasting and laughing in this world of scrap booking. Come and Join us beginning at 6pm. Please just email me and let me know that you will be coming!!!!!!

And You can even bring your daughters for this session. I will be offering a free card making class for all girls 12 and younger this session (we will make Mother's Day Cards, but don't tell!) I will provide all the materials, please just RSVP for a spot in the class.

I do want to share you some of my artwork which I am including below. If you think you can't well....You can! Remember, we all have a beginning, just make yours sooner than later.

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  1. Awesome! Great way to prosper your business and introduce others to our scrappy (not crappy) world. Love ya! Kristie